Lionel Messi & Dani Alves' incredible warmup routine at Barcelona captured in fan footage

Lionel Messi & Dani Alves were a deadly duo at Barcelona

Lionel Messi and Dani Alves were a deadly duo during their time at Barcelona together.

The two world-class talents had an almost telepathic understanding on the right-hand side of the pitch and countless opposing players were left humiliated by the pair's magnificence on the ball.

It's fair to say that Messi and Alves are one of the greatest double acts in footballing history, which is proven by the sheer number of times the former assisted the latter.

The Brazilian defender - who's still going strong and captaining Brazil at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - provided 43 assists for Messi, a scarcely believable record for a right-back.

Only Andres Iniesta (44) and Luis Suarez (54) can lay claim to directly contributing to more of Messi's enormous tally of goals.

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So how did Alves and Barcelona's six-time Ballon d'Or-winning superstar become such a lethal combo?

Well, it was helped by the fact the two were very close friends, something Messi alluded to in an interview with FourFourTwo.

"I've always been close with Dani Alves, since we shared the right wing together when I first broke into the Barcelona first-team," the Argentine said.

"We've spent many years together, both on and off the field. Day-to-day, we've got a very strong relationship, which is also of a great help on the field - it means we understand each other's games very well."

Messi & Alves in training

They were clearly very close, to the point where they would perform a warm-up routine together at Camp Nou before a game.

One of their performances from 2011 was captured by a fan in attendance and the footage of the South American pair skilfully volleying and passing the ball to one another is a thing of beauty.

Messi and Alves warm-up routine

They make it look almost too easy and as any person who has ever kicked a ball will tell you, everything in the footage above is incredibly difficult to pull off.

At one point, Messi even produces an inch-perfect volleyed pass with his supposedly 'weaker' right foot, with both men displaying supreme close control throughout.

There really is something soothing about watching outrageously skilful players warmup before a game, as what they can do with a ball almost looks superhuman at times.

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