Apex Legends: shroud reveals why the game is his favourite battle royale

The former CS:GO reveals why Apex is his favourite BR right now

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek recently revealed why Apex Legends is his favourite Battle Royale game available on the market.

shroud recently revealed the list of his favourite battle royale games. The genre is one of the most popular in gaming, particularly eSports, with Fortnite, PUBG, Warzone and Apex Legends all at the forefront of the genre.

As a prolific Twitch streamer, shroud has racked up a huge amount of hours in these games. shroud has streamed PUBG for 2624 hours, Apex Legends for 609 hours, Fortnite for 251 hours, and Warzone for 60 hours (credit to Dexerto for the stats).

Despite shroud having a huge amount of time spent in the PUGB world, he admitted recently that Apex Legends was actually his favourite game in the ever-popular genre.

shroud praises Apex Legends

“If I’m talking about the most fun I have, it’s different from what I think is the most competitive one, right?” shroud stated. “To me, Fortnite’s number one and Apex Legends is number two – if we’re talking competitive.”

The former CS:GO reveals why Apex is his favourite BR right now

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“But if we’re talking for me, my most personal fun, Apex Legends and PUBG are number one and two, and then three is Fortnite and then Warzone [is fourth]”, the former CS:GO pro player would reveal.

The massive Twitch streamer has been critical of Respawn's game in the past, saying that it needs stronger abilities. “I feel like the characters in Valorant are more… I don’t know, you use them more. I feel like I’m actually playing a character when I play Valorant.”

“They didn’t want to make this game ‘ability Legends. I think they should, though! I think it would be more fun!”

Despite some criticisms, the approval of shroud as his favourite game in the genre is a massive coup for Respawn, with the competitive nature of the free to play arena being difficult to navigate its opinions of influencers like shroud that make a massive difference for the longevity and popularity of a title.

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