Apex Legends: ImperialHal criticises Respawn for not listening to players

The Apex Legends player slams Respawn

Popular Apex Legends pro streamer ImperialHal has criticised Respawn, accusing them of ignoring the feedback of test and pro players.

The TSM FTX player recently claimed that the developer doesn't listen to pro players regarding suggestions in-game to make the eSports title better.

“From what I’ve heard, there’s a lot of feedback given from the pro players that they [Respawn] just completely disregard. They literally don’t care,” ImperialHal claimed during a recent stream.

"Especially stuff with Valkyrie. There was a bunch of stuff with Valkyrie where they [pro players] said ‘you can’t do this and that’… they don’t listen."

“It’s funny how the game is so out of touch between competitive and casuals", Hal continued, slamming Respawn for not considering the player's concerns. "The two things are so mind-boggling that they’re going to nerf Wattson's hotbox, and they’re possibly thinking of buffing Gibby,” he continued.

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The Apex Legends player slams Respawn

“I don’t think they should completely listen to pros, but there’s got to be some common sense", ImperialHal concluded. "The reasoning behind buffing and nerfing characters makes no sense.”

Controversial issues in Apex Legends

The Bocek Bow is one of the more controversial features that was introduced during the last season of the game, mainly as the weapon was criticised as having overpowered fire rates and damage.

ImperialHal is one of the top Apex Legends players, having won 38 times in events thus far. It's concerning that such a prominent player in the Legends space feels that player considerations are being ignored, as the influencer holds a strong social media and streaming following. 

Hopefully, these issues will be listened to by Respawn as they look to evolve the eSport further, with some players, particularly streamer 'shroud,' saying that it is among their favourite in the battle royale genre.

Credit to Manchester Evening News for the transcription

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