Tokyo 2020: The emotional moment Tom Daley and Matty Lee won Olympic gold for Team GB

  • Kobe Tong

Tom Daley and Matty Lee are officially Olympic champions in the men’s 10-metre synchronized diving.

‘Manic Monday’ for Team GB

It’s been a ‘Manic Monday’ for Team GB at Tokyo 2020 with Adam Peaty bagging the nation’s first gold medal with yet another glorious display of breaststroking in the pool.

And now, at long last, the Olympic gold that has always been touted for Daley has found its place around his neck at the fourth attempt with an immaculate display of diving alongside Lee.

Daley had burst on to the scene for Team GB in the late 2000s and flew the flag for his nation at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing despite only being 14 years old at the time.


Daley’s Olympic journey

The young superstar then bagged his first Olympic medal at London 2012 with a bronze ribbon that sparked ecstatic scenes of pool splashing upon its announcement.

However, there was a real feeling of ‘what could have been?’ four years later when Daley felt as though he could have achieved more from the second bronze medal that he collected in Rio.

But park that thought and rejoice because Daley can now lay claim to the status of gold medalist that he’s always dreamed of with an immaculate performance alongside Olympic debutant Lee.


Daley and Lee strike Olympic gold

And the moment that Daley and Lee’s glory was confirmed made for truly emotional viewing with the BBC Sport cameras capturing the exact second at which they overcame the Chinese for gold.

You really did feel as though you were watching an episode of X-Factor with the level of anticipation building and the reaction when the Brits found about their victory was pure ecstacy and joy. 

You can watch the spine-tingling footage down below, but be sure to keep a box of tissues close to hand because it really does make for a tear-jerking watch.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Olympics is all about.

An inspiration to all

The fact that Daley was once touted to become a full-time celebrity and has now gone on to prove the haters wrong with an Olympic-winning performance is truly something to be proud of.

And while Daley might hoover up the majority of the column inches, credit too for Lee who has achieved what so many athletes around the country dream of with a gold medal at 23 years old.


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Both divers can rest assured that footage of their stunning performance as well as their winning moment will be spreading across the UK and countries across the world on Monday.

No doubt, amongst those millions, many children will be inspired to chase their own sporting dreams and maybe we’ll see them standing 10 metres above the pool in Daley and Lee’s footsteps one day, too.

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