Apex Legends Season 10: Name of Season Revealed

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10 is on its way in the next few weeks and gamers have recently found out what the new season will be called.

A lot of exciting news has already come out around the new season, including the new legend coming to the game and his abilities.

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Due to a lot of information coming out around the new season, the excitement for it has been increasing and hopefully developers Respawn Entertainment deliver a very fun chapter in the Apex Legends journey.

The battle royale game continues to compete with other games of its genre like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite and is one of the most popular around.

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Name of Apex Legends Season 10 Has Been Revealed

Many always look to find out what the new name of the season is as it could lead to some clues; however, the upcoming name of this season is quite obscure.

It was revealed that the name of the new season will be called ‘Emergence’ and hopefully this has excited gamers.

Apex are also looking to announce more around Emergence and people will be happy to hear that a new gameplay trailer will be coming out this week.

What has been interesting is the fact that the recent Thrillseekers event released a brand new map, including an Arenas map called Overflow which involved Lava. Hopefully this means that lava could come to Kings Canyon in the upcoming season.

When a new season is released, expectations for the next one get higher and higher and the fact that we are now coming up to our 10th season means a lot is expected by the community.

Not only will we be treated to a new legend and map changes, but it is hoped that a new weapon will be coming to the game.

It will be intriguing to see the angle Apex takes for the new season and the theme they follow, but a season has not yet disappointed so we will be hoping that season 10 follows suit.

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