PSG's Neymar showed Real Madrid how it's done with pass-penalty to Mauro Icardi in 2020

  • Kobe Tong

Few things are more outrageous in the world of football than passing a penalty.

Passing penalties

Lining up for a spot kick can be nerve-shredding at the best of times, never mind when you've conspired to completely subvert expectations and potentially end up with egg on your face.

Besides, there is certainly precedent when it comes to botching what is essentially an outrageous display of showboating with Robert Pires' Arsenal gaffe proving the most high-profile failure.

However, strictly speaking, you can also put Real Madrid under the same umbrella of botched pass-penalties because they attempted the outrageous stunt during the 2019/20 La Liga season.

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Real Madrid's botched attempt

Los Blancos tried to round off their league-winning campaign in style when Sergio Ramos lined up to take a penalty during a 2-1 win over Villarreal at the Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano.

And it looked to have worked an absolute treat with Ramos slipping the ball to Karim Benzema, who duly found the net in what looked to be a rerun of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez's famous goal.

However, it quickly transpired that Benzema had jumped the gun and Real's audacious goal was chalked off by way of the Frenchman entering the penalty area before Ramos touched the ball.

Benzema duly stepped up to execute the retake and slotted the ball into the bottom corner, but believe it or not, that wasn't the end of the pass-penalty saga last summer.

Neymar shows them how it's done

That's because Neymar decided to pull the extra same stunt just one night after Real Madrid had been humiliated by the match officials - and it's fair to say that his attempt worked a lot better.

During a 7-0 pre-season win over Waasland-Beveren, the PSG superstar effortlessly passed the ball to Mauro Icardi instead of shooting and watched on as the former Inter Milan forward found the net.

And alas, there was no intervention from the referee with PSG's swaggering strike enduring in the history books, so be sure to check it out in all its glory down below:

Talk about showing up Benzema and Ramos within 24 hours. You couldn't write it.

Executed to perfection

To be fair to the PSG duo, they had indeed learned from Real's mistakes because Icardi hadn't set foot in the penalty area when Neymar touched the ball and duly faced a dramatic footrace.

Icardi had to use his muscles to keep the Waasland-Beveren defence at bay, but he ultimately did enough to get to the ball first and applying the finish touch require to spare their blushes.



And while, yes, it might have been a pre-season friendly as opposed to a La Liga-winning game, I think we can all agree that a pass penalty requires nerves of steel regardless of the context.

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