eFootball: Reveal Trailer Released


The gaming community were very pleased to hear that Konami are giving Pro Evolution Soccer a complete rebrand by creating eFootball and the reveal trailer has been released.

PES was really struggling to compete with FIFA as well as other sports games and this is Konami’s last ditch attempt to try and create a popular football game.

PES was thriving in the early 2000s but since 2010, many made the switch to FIFA as EA Sports started to revolutionise football games as we know them.

Not only has this new game surprised many, but some of the details emerging around eFootball have also been quite surprising; for example, the game will have a match pass in which players can unlock free rewards.

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eFootball Reveal Trailer Released

Along with the announcement of the game, Konami also gave players a glimpse of what the game could look like as they showcased their reveal trailer.

It was an amazing video to show as it was over six minutes long and after seeing it, excitement for the game built massively.

Featuring footballing legends like Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta, we were treated to interviews, gameplay footage and discussion about new features including the match day pass.

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We also saw how Konami made the gameplay and how they used professional footballers alongside technology to make eFootball feel as real as possible.

If anyone is wanting to see what the new game is about then watching the reveal trailer down below is a must.

The video shows how much effort Konami are putting into competing with FIFA and it would be a shock if this game did not have a lot of demand upon release.

There will be a lot of content coming out on the game after its release over the course of a few months from early Autumn to Winter and all this exciting content can be seen in their road map that they revealed.

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Hopefully eFootball lives up to current expectations and gives players another good football game to play.

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