Chelsea: Mason Mount's incredible body transformation ahead of Premier League return

  • Kobe Tong

Mason Mount is an outrageously good footballer.

Mount shining at Chelsea

It's staggering to think that the Chelsea wizard was dismissed for as long as he was with certain football fans constantly joking that he was either Frank Lampard or Gareth Southgate's son.

However, Mount's performances this year have been so peerless that even his most vocal of critics have held their hands up and admitted that he deserves to be playing at the highest level.

Besides, many thought that Thomas Tuchel would faze Mount out of the Chelsea line-up when he arrived in January but alas, the Englishman was instead starting the Champions League final.

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Mount perfecting his game

It really is testament to the hard yards that Mount has clearly been putting in at Stamford Bridge that the 22-year-old has been able to establish himself in football's upper echelons so quickly.

After all, lest we forget that Mount was thrown in the deep end ahead of the 2019/20 campaign having only played on loan at Vitesse Arnhem and Derby County in the professional game.

Many players would have sunk under the pressure, but Mount has risen to the occasion by proving himself in England's top-flight and gradually improving his game as time has gone on.



Mount's physical progression

And one way in which Mount appears to have progressed in west London concerns his physique because the England youngster seems to have undergone quite the body transformation.

That's because a recent Instagram post of the Chelsea midfielder putting his nose to the grindstone in pre-season cuts a stark contrast to how he looked during his first appearances for the Blues.

Simply captioned: 'Raring to return!', the post includes both a photograph and video of Mount running hill sprints and all the evidence points towards him being in fantastic physical condition.


Mount looking ripped

The sideview of his rippling bicep and back muscles indicates that Mount has been working hard to build up his muscle mass since the days of his skinnier-looking frame from the 2019/20 season.

It's impossible to be certain that it's the case, granted, but the photo evidence seems pretty telling, so be sure to check out Mount's muscly physique compared to snaps from his early Chelsea days.

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Fair play, Mason, those hours in the gym seem to be paying off.

Going from strength to strength

Now, it goes without saying that the clichéd, Instagram-fuelled idea of the perfect body is by no means some sort of immediate indicator of anybody's fitness or healthy eating.

And lest we forget that Mount is still a young lad, which inevitably means that his body will be maturing and entering its physical peak, so it's perhaps not a surprise that he's seemingly bulked up.

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However, even if he's not actually getting physically stronger, it's safe to assume that he's getting stronger in general because he's looking more and more effortless with each game for the Blues. 

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