Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Weapon

Apex Legends

Apex Legends revealed a brand new gameplay trailer to promote the imminent release of season 10 and the footage announced that a new weapon will also be arriving.

The new footage has received a great reaction and it was lovely for fans to see over two minutes of gameplay to show them that the new season - Emergence - is definitely worth waiting for.

Not only that but we were also told the official date as to when Emergence will come out at the end of the video.

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A new weapon always gets the community excited as some of the weapons already in the game can be a bit dull and also quite weak.

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New Weapon Confirmed to be coming to Apex Legends Season 10

Gaming fans were probably just expecting to see gameplay footage; however, they would have been surprised to hear the announcement of a new weapon.

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It has been revealed that the weapon is a light machine gun and it will be called Rampage.

In the video it looks like it packs a huge punch and no doubt players will want to get their hands on the gun immediately. Gamers will probably have to unlock this gun via the battle pass.

LMG’s can be crucial in a battle royale game like Apex as they have a rapid fire rate and can be used to damage opponents armour very quickly.

The only negative behind using an LMG is the extended reload time. However, for now, we do not know the reload time of this new gun.

Hopefully the Ramage will live up to the hype and be a good strong gun that can be used in season 10 of Apex.

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