Fortnite: Mysterious countdown appears in-game

A countdown timer has been spotted during a Fortnite game by several players.

Players have spotted a countdown timer in Fortnite that could be part of the developer’s next big reveal.

While the gaming community are thoroughly enjoying Invasion right now and is entertaining millions across the globe, this has not stopped Epic Games from making further additions during the warmer months.

Aliens are currently running rampant and players are grouping up to defeat the intergalactic swarm that has festooned the island, as well as the main objective of being the last person standing.

We have seen countdowns over the years in Fortnite. It is far from being a new thing. But the mystery surrounding this latest countdown has got the fanbase talking on social media platforms across the world wide web.

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Pop star Ariana Grande has been heavily with performing an in-game concert on Fortnite.

Fortnite Countdown

The image was spotted by a player and shared by Shiina on Twitter, with the countdown suggesting that the timer ends 10 days from now.

While the Ariana Grande skins above were made as a concept, the US pop star has been heavily linked with performing an in-game concert. As you can see from the image below, it appears to be based on some sort of podium which could suggest that those rumours were true.

In the comments of this thread, others suggested that it might be something to do with Coral Castle, and how they have predicted that the objective will be to destroy it.

That being said, we still have over a week to wait and see what Epic have in store for us and we will just have to cross our legs and fold our arms for the time being  – and wait patiently.

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