WWE RAW: Alexa Bliss shows ultimate disrespect to Eva Marie as new storyline unfolds

Eva Marie Lilly-lution

The building storyline between Alexa Bliss and Eva Marie may have reached boiling point on the latest instalment of Monday Night RAW.

Despite not being scheduled to appear on the show last night, Bliss still managed to wreak havoc and insert her eeriness into the ring.

The Eva-lution took on tag team champions Natalya and Tamina, with Doudrop running the show – as has become the norm whenever her and Marie step into the ring.

However, things took a terrifying turn just after Tamina evaded Marie's pin.

The match was interrupted when a video featuring Bliss' doll and sidekick Lilly appeared on the screen. In what was certainly a spoof of Eva Marie's character, Lilly was seen posing in front of the Hollywood sign, with Twisted Bliss' voice in the background announcing the 'Lilly-lution'.

"I am so much more than just a pretty face," Lilly seemingly told the audience. "I want to inspire others to follow their nightmares. This is Lilly-lution."

Marie has been pushing the Eva-lution since she returned to Monday Night RAW. The pink-haired star's approach to rising to the top of the brand is deploying Doudrop as the duo's main fighter before stealing the pin for herself at the last minute. 

This is a storyline that hasn't sat well with fans, nor did it leave Alexa Bliss very impressed when the two visited her playground earlier this month.

GiveMeSport Women predicted a new rivalry forming after Marie insulted and stormed off the playground. WWE fans already know Bliss doesn't take lightly to insults – just look at how she defeated Shayna Baszler at Hell in a Cell after The Queen of Spades called Lilly "a stupid doll."

Equally, Marie's character is portrayed as very vain and takes pride in both her image and status. Having Bliss publicly mock her through Lilly will have left her blood boiling and fans could be looking at an explosive meeting between Marie and The Goddess very soon.

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