WWE: Chris Jericho is not surprised by Roman Reigns recent success

Chris Jericho isn't surprised by Roman Reigns' stellar work

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Chris Jericho has said that he isn't surprised by the fact that Roman Reigns is doing brilliant work in WWE right now as the 'Tribal Chief' on SmackDown.

Speaking to Konnan on the Keeping it 100 podcast, Jericho noted that while he hasn't seen any of Reigns' segments, he's been reading about the tremendous work that the Universal Champion has been doing.

Speaking about Roman, Chris Jericho said that WWE should have "just let him be him" and should not have waited so long to turn him heel:

“I haven’t, but I’ve been reading about it. That’s no surprise, because when I was there in 2016, I worked with Roman, basically all around the world. I was a heel, and he was a babyface. It’s a no-brainer here. You know what Roman is? I’ve always said this and he’s doing it now. If you just drop the f**king script and just let him be him, he’s Cool Hand Luke. He’s like the coolest cat. He’s a f**king great guy. Just let him be him. That’s what he’s doing now, obviously with a heelish slant, which is great. When he eventually turns babyface, he’ll be even bigger than he is now because he is just a cool, cool guy. Now they’re letting him do all this stuff, and it doesn’t surprise me that he’s killing it because he’s that type of performer.”

Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho worked together in WWE

We are coming up to one full year since Roman Reigns returned to WWE at last month's SummerSlam, turning heel in the process and transforming himself into one of wrestling's biggest stars, if not the biggest.

Roman Reigns is slated to have a very big few months, as the Universal Champion looks likely to defend his Universal Championship against John Cena at SummerSlam, with reports also suggesting that a huge match with The Rock is on the cards for WrestleMania 38 next year.

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