The Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games Of 2021 Have Been Ranked According To Their Metacritic Score

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the most popular handheld game console at the moment and we have ranked the top 10 Switch Games of 2021 according to their metacritic score.

Fans of handheld consoles are in for very exciting times as not only are Nintendo releasing a new console called the Switch OLED, but they will also have serious competition as there will be a new handheld console coming out called the Steam Deck.

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Nintendo will still feel confident that they will be able to beat this new competition, especially due to the fact that the Switch has been around since 2017.

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Here are the top 10 Nintendo Switch games of 2021 ranked according to their metacritic score:

10. Mushihimesama (Metacritic Score- 85)

The virtual shooting game was released back in June 2021 and is set in a lovely fantasy world which sees gamers go on a huge mission.

9. Sumire (Metacritic Score- 86)

This game was released on the Nintendo Switch back in May. Sumire is an indie narrative adventure and gamers play as a girl named Sumire and you have to complete a set of tasks in order to receive her most desired wish.

8. Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights (Metacritic Score- 86)

Ender Lillies was released back in June and sees players have to defeat powerful undead enemies.

7. Overboard! (Metacritic Score- 86)

This murder mystery game has attracted a lot of fans since its release in June. You have to work out all the clues to find the killer.

6. There is no game: Wrong Dimension (Metacritic Score- 87)

This comedic game released in April can be frustrating but when you work it out, it is a whole lot of fun. The point and click game just misses out on the top five.

5. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (Metacritic Score- 87)

This mystery game released in July sees players enjoy playing in Victorian-era Britain and Japan.

4. Monster Hunter Rise (Metacritic Score- 88)

This game is part of the great Monster Hunter franchise and was released for Switch fans back in March. It sees players fight huge monsters in a scenic village.

Monster Hunter

3. Fez (Metacritic Score- 88)

This game released in April sees gamers play as Gomez, who is a 2D character in a 3D dimension.

2. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Metacritic Score- 89)

It would not have been a top 10 list if a Super Mario game was not involved, and this game released back in February has been a huge success.

Super Mario

1. The House in Fata Morgana - Dreams of the Revenants Edition (Metacritic Score- 98)

The gothic suspense tale set in a cursed mansion has been a huge success and has been given a great metacritic score. It was released in April.

There are a bunch of great games on this list that players need to give a go if they haven’t already.

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