UFC 264: Joe Rogan opens up on why Conor McGregor interview happened


Conor McGregor was defeated in his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier after the Irishman suffered an ankle injury, which has put The Notorious on crutches for six weeks.

After the fight was called-off, Joe Rogan interviewed Poirier first, and then proceeded to sit next to an agonized McGregor on the canvas.

The Irishman’s interview was memorable in so many ways, but some UFC fans criticized Rogan for actually conducting a post-fight interview with the injured McGregor.

But, Rogan recently revealed that the interview was actually McGregor’s idea and that the defeated fighter wanted to vent to the public.


On his renowned podcast, Rogan said:

"People are like, 'why did you interview him?' He [McGregor] actually brought me over.

"He goes 'come over here lad, let's have a podcast'. He said, 'come on Joe let's have a f*cking podcast'. He like asked me to sit down next to him. I was like, 'how am I going to do this. I feel like I should just get something out of him.


"Even if you recognize the fact that he is emotionally charged up, this is just him expressing himself while he was emotionally charged up."

If the interview was indeed McGregor’s idea, it was quite a good one as The Notorious immediately went on to promote a fourth fight between him and Poirier.

McGregor received lots of praise following his interview, including a heartfelt message from UFC legend Ronda Rousey.

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She tweeted:

"I’m amazed that as soon as you hit the ground you were already promoting the next fight @TheNotoriousMMA - I def wouldn’t have had the mind to do that. The other fighters, @ufc and media are lucky to have you.”

The Irishman is currently serving a medical suspension until January 2022, which means McGregor will not return to the octagon in 2021.

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