Apex Legends Mobile: Beta test gets underway in Asia

Bloodhound and many others will feature in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile is finally rolling out in parts of Asia as part of the developer’s beta test period.

After months of planning and with assistance from a Chinese developing company, the hugely popular first-person battle royale series has moved one step closer to being officially released to the wider public.

Respawn Entertainment, the game’s console developers, will be going head to head with the likes of Fortnite and PUBG for mobile gaming supremacy, in the face of huge and intense competition.

As a result, Apex is attempting to replicate its hugely successful console version, which recently amassed 100 million active players, and transfer it to your hands and fingertips.

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Apex Legends Mobile will be the latest addition to the iOS and Android gaming market.

Apex Legends Mobile Beta

Respawn confirmed that the closed beta testing has begun in the likes of Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia as the developers look to mirror the console version as close as possible.

Once more, it will give the developers a chance to hear feedback from those players that are taking part in regards to smoothness, potential glitches and fluidity of controls and gameplay as a complete package.

What we do know already is that there will be slight differences from the edition of Apex that we know and love. 

Gameplay footage was previously leaked which illustrated that Apex Mobile will take place in third-person, except for when the player is aiming down sights, to which it switches to first-person.

Whether this will turn gamers away from Apex Mobile, remains to be seen at this stage.

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