Fortnite: New Plasma Cannon weapon trailer leaked

The Plasma Cannon is set to make a return to Fortnite.

Fortnite have revealed that the Plasma Cannon weapon will be making a return to the battle royale franchise.

This comes as part of Epic Games’ 17.21 update, with the futuristic gizmo hitting the battlegrounds once more, and has been the first new weapon added to the series for some time.

While it may be a small update, it has introduced armament that could carry huge significance in terms of how games are played out which has the capability of ripping down structures and various buildings across the map and could leave enemies exposed who lie within them.

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The Plasma Cannon can tear down buildings in Fortnite.

Fortnite Plasma Cannon

Epic shared the new trailer (via Shiina) as the Plasma Cannon makes its return to the franchise and marries up perfectly with the current alien theme that they have going.

The Plasma Cannon can be crafted, as well as found, and packs quite a significant punch against rather unfortunate enemies that get in its way.

The developers even gave away some tips about using this hyper weapon, by adding: “if you find a way to keep enemies in the dome even when impulsed, they will take repeated damage.’

They also added that players will take heavy damage if they found themselves caught in the dome. If it is impulsed back at them, they will receive further damage as a result.

Because of this, the Plasma Cannon will be like gold dust and a must-have for any player during a match.

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