Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: Footage emerges showing Seer’s abilities in action for the first time

Apex Legends Emergence

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence is just over a week away and footage has emerged showing what Seer’s abilities look like in action.

We were introduced to a gameplay trailer yesterday which showed great footage of what is to come for players in season 10 and the new legend Seer is causing Apex fans to be thoroughly excited over Emergence.

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The new season will not just be bringing a new Legend to the game, but also huge map changes as well as a brand new weapon.

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Seer’s new abilities truly do look amazing when used and no doubt after seeing the footage many will be wanting to play with the new Legend as soon as possible.

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Footage shows Seer’s Abilities in action for the first time in Apex

Seer’s abilities were recently revealed and he looks to be a great tracker Legend that can compete with Bloodhound. Both of his abilities look like they can be very powerful if they are used correctly.

Despite the video only being 16 seconds long, it shows that you can throw his tracker drones quite far and when someone runs over them, they can be spotted by Seer for quite some time.

What should be noted is that his tactics are really accurate and have been compared to a sniper.

For those thinking that this sounds far too overpowered, they do not have to worry as it has been revealed that the enemies you are facing will not only receive a warning, but they will also be able to dodge it.

Have a look at Seer’s abilities down below.

It seems like Seer could be very well balanced, but if he does look to be too strong, then no doubt Apex will quickly look to nerf his abilities.

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