Leakers suggest that Metroid Dread will be the focus game at upcoming Nintendo Direct Event

Metroid Dread

Anticipation is building for Metroid Dread and leaks suggest that it will be the focus game at the upcoming Nintendo Direct event.

The Nintendo Switch game is developed by MercurySteam and follows famous bounty hunter Samus as she battles on an alien planet. Gamers are getting very excited as there is not that long until it is released.

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We have already been treated to gameplay footage and no doubt demand will be high for this game as the franchise has been popular ever since the 1990s.

Hopefully at this upcoming event, gamers will be treated to more news on what exactly Metroid Dread would entail.

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Leaks Reveal Metroid Dread Will Be The Focus At Nintendo Direct

These latest leaks come from social media, with reliable Twitter user @SamusHunter2 revealing more about the event.

Nintendo Direct is normally an event which showcases a bunch of new Nintendo Switch games that are close to release.

@SamusHunter2 revealed some interesting information, including the fact that the next Nintendo Direct event is scheduled to take place in September.

They also went on to say that Metroid Dread will be one of the focus games at this event alongside upcoming games Mario Party and Advance Wars.

This is very exciting news for fans of the Metroid franchise as it should mean we get a lot more information around the game which could include exciting new features and more gameplay.

The only disappointing thing about this is the fact that the gaming community will have to wait for a while for new information on Metroid Dread as the event is in September.

With players having to wait a few months for more news on Metroid Dread, we hope what Nintendo reveals features that meet expectations.

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