Conor McGregor was forgiven by Khabib's father and invited to their home in brilliant footage

  • Kim Loe

More shame is piling onto Conor McGregor after his recent reckless comments, with many now sharing and highlighting a video from 2018 of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s late father, Abdulmanap.

In the footage, Abudlmanap is forgiving Conor for a series of insults and inviting him to visit their family home in Dagestan.

This will be a week Conor will want to forget in a hurry, it’s not the first time The Notorious has stirred up anger and disgust with his toxic comments, but his latest heartless tweet appearing to mock Khabib’s loss has left very few able to justify or condone his behaviour.

The recent outburst by McGregor was in response to Khabib’s congratulatory post aimed at Duston Poirer, following his defeat of McGregor as UFC 264.


The tweet commented that ‘good always defeats evil’, to which Conor tweeted ‘Covid is good and father is evil?’

The video of Abdulmanap inviting Conor to the Nurmagomedov family home was a response to another Conor outburst in which he labelled Khabib as being a “quivering coward”.

This was in the build-up to UFC 229 where Khabib went on to defeat McGregor through submission in the 4th round.


The footage shows Abdulmanap very keen to extend an olive branch and show McGregor there was no animosity or hard feelings. He can be seen saying:

"Today I invited Conor to our home," he went on to confirm.

"Yes, I made this statement. I invited him as a guest. He can visit Dagestan why not … It's all in the past, we should not stop there, life goes on.

"Our religion should show grace not only in words but also in deeds. If he comes you will see that he will be our dear guest."

And this isn’t the only time Abdulmanap has publicly forgiven Connor for his comments, as months later he warmly invited him to a Combat tournament in Russia, and noted:

"I said that I forgive him ... it's important to be kind-hearted."

Many hardcore McGregor fans have stood by their man after previous insensitive outbursts, putting it down as part of the game and an act to promote big fights.

However, the nature of the comments aimed at Khabib’s loss, and the fact Khabib has officially retired, has many now feeling the angry Irishman has gone way too far.

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