WWE: Vince McMahon says AEW isn't competition like WCW

Vince McMahon told investors that WWE doesn't consider AEW as competition

Speaking on the 2021 second-quarter earnings call with investors today, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said that he doesn’t view All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as competition like WCW in the 1990s.

McMahon had the following to say when asked about if WWE sees AEW as a threat, noting that he doesn’t see the situation between WWE and AEW right now as “near close” to the situation twenty years ago between WWE (then WWF) and WCW, saying:

“It’s certainly not going to a situation [like with WCW] where it’s the rising tide because that was when Ted Turner was coming after us with all of Time Warner’s assets as well. That was a different situation. AEW is where they are. I don’t know what their plans are, I only know what our plans are. I don’t consider them a competition like I would WCW back in the day, nowhere near close to that.”

Vince McMahon went on to say that he wasn’t sure what AEW’s investments were with regards to talent, seemingly said that wants to give AEW “some more” competition.

“I’m not sure where their investments are. When it comes to their talent, perhaps we could give them some more.”

Vince McMahon spoke on the latest investors call about AEW

Nick Khan then gave his thoughts on the matter, saying that as a company, WWE doesn’t look at any other company or organisation as “competition”, joking that WWE sees sleep as competition to them.

You can listen in on the full investors call below, courtesy of Fightful.

Earlier today, WWE announced that the company’s revenue for the second quarter of 2021 was $265.6 million, which was an increase of 19% (or $42.2 million). 

Below are Vince McMahon’s comments on the revenue that the company posted for the latest quarter:

“During the second quarter, we generated solid financial results as we continued to focus on building fan engagement. With the announced return to live event touring and robust ticket demand, we believe we can further consumption across platforms, maximize new business opportunities and drive long-term growth.”

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