Destiny 2 Season 15: Developers reveal how cross-play will work in upcoming season

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season 15 will be bringing cross-play to the game following a successful beta and developers Bungie have finally revealed all about how it will work.

Despite the game being released all the way back in 2017, it has not brought cross-play into the game - even with the high amount of requests from gamers.

As the seasons continued and the game continued to stay popular, Bungie finally listened to the requests of the gaming community and released a cross-play beta over the last few months. Due to its success, cross-play will be available from the start of season 15.

Many have got excited over this news and this makes the release of season 15 highly anticipated.

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Developers Reveal Details Around Cross-play in Destiny 2 Season 15

Bungie has revealed on Twitter that they have created a blog to tell you how exactly cross-play would work in the upcoming season.

They explain how they are beginning to prepare for cross-play starting from this week and that is great news.

They reveal that from the start of season 15, players on Xbox, Playstation, PC and Stadia will all be able to play together. In the blog, they told players a lot, like the fact that there are three new ways to add friends due to cross-play. They are:

  • Log into Destiny 2 on a device where you want to turn platform friends into Bungie Friends, and then issue requests via our Roster screen.
  • Search for your friends using player search on the Invite screen.
  • Use friends finder, where you can link all of your platforms, and then issue Bungie Friends requests to all your platform friends.

As well as this, there are also some important things to notice when it comes to cross-play in PvP. Bungie have reiterated that for this, PC players will only match with other PC players. Console players will only match against console players, with Stadia included.

However, for cross-play PvP firearms, console and PC players will combine into the PC pool and this is so that PC players don’t get an advantage in the console pool.

The way Bungie are trying to implement cross-play makes perfect sense and Destiny are clearly trying to emphasise that they will be fair when it comes to cross-play.

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