Best sports interview ever? Olympic NZ sevens star responds brilliantly to reporter

Ruby Tui at Tokyo 2020

An interview clip of rugby sevens star Ruby Tui has gone viral after the New Zealand international gave what some have described as the ‘best post-match interview ever.’

Tui was speaking after the Black Ferns defeated the Russian Olympic Committee 36-0 to progress to this year’s Olympic semi-finals.

Talking to BBC, Tui was full of smiles and refreshingly honest. Asked about the Russian team’s performance, the Kiwi star was extremely complimentary.

“Yeah, the Russian’s are cool people man. They are a bl**dy tough, tough, team. They weren’t at the last Olympics, so this is huge for them. Massive congratulations to Russia.

“I know the score might have made it look easy but it was not easy. Don’t be fooled, [there was] lots of running.”

Tui also addressed what she thought of Team GB and revealed that members of the New Zealand side had actually donated to Britain’s fundraiser in the build-up to the competition.

“I love how GB come together. They all split up but for the Olympics, they come together. It’s funny because in the scrum when they go down they say “England” but they can’t do it here so everyone has to go ‘GB’.

“Scotland have got a couple of really good players. Wales as well. [Jasmin] Joyce is bl**dy gas.

“I love the whole concept of Team GB and huge congratulations to Great Britain and all the people of that place because they fundraised, they worked hard, they campaigned. I think even a couple of us donated.

When told it was about to rain and wrap up the interview, Tui wasn’t fazed at all. In fact, she was keen to embrace the conditions and take in each and every moment of playing at the Olympics.

“What rain, where’s the thunder? We’re at the Olympics. Let's be happy. Let's compete safely and peacefully. Peace and love. Love you guys.”

Ruby Tui at Tokyo 2020

The interview ended thereafter and while it was only two minutes in total, fans have rushed to praise the New Zealander.

One wrote: “She is brilliant and embodies the Olympic spirit.”

Another replied: “What a lovely sight. Such enthusiasm, respect and pride, not only for her team but for everyone. We could all take a bit of this enthusiasm in our daily lives.”

Henry Fraser, a mouth artist, author and speaker, was also full of glowing praise. He said: “One of the best post-match sports interviews.”

What’s fascinating is that Tui was unsure at one stage if she wanted to compete at Tokyo. After winning a silver medal with the team at Rio in 2016, the Kiwi star admitted she was unsure whether she could make the sacrifices needed to compete again.

But a day after the medal ceremony, she decided to stick with Sevens and that decision may yet lead to a gold medal.

New Zealand face Fiji in the semi-finals tomorrow at 03:00 BST.

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