UFC legend Vitor Belfort drops TikTok boxing star Bryce Hall with brutal shot


TikTok star Bryce Hall somehow found himself in a ring with the former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort - and he’s probably wishing he didn’t.

The footage was posted to TikTok and appeared to show that the two had met for a sparring session. Belfort corners Hall and delivers two powerful body shots, with the last one causing Hall to need a breather.

The clip then cuts to Belfort continuing to work Hall before landing a jaw shot on the 21-year-old, knocking him to the ground with a bystander waving his arms in a manner which suggests “game over”.

From the short clip released it’s unknown whether Hall landed any hard-hitting punches to “The Phenom”, but Belfort clearly saw potential in the young social media star. He said: “I see a lot of toughness in you, but you are a bull who has to be trained.

“I wanna ask you guys to find him an opponent the same day I fight Oscar [De La Hoya]. You come, you train like a fighter. My rules become your rules. Find you an opponent, I’ll be your trainer.”

Hall recently trained to become a boxer for a bout in the Social Gloves: TikTokers vs. YouTubers event, which left him with a record of 0-1 after a TKO by his YouTuber opponent Austin McBroom, but with him training against professionals like Belfort in his free time, it’s looking like he’ll want to enter the ring again.

Since retiring in May 2018, UFC fans may wonder what route Belfort has taken with his career.

The Brazillian left the Octagon with an impressive record of 26-14-0 and has always been widely recognised for his explosive knockout power.

He is scheduled to fight “The golden boy of boxing” Oscar De La Hoya in a professional bout on September 11 in Los Angeles.

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