Lionel Messi best ever goal? Thierry Henry described 'forgotten' strike as the best he's seen

Lionel Messi's best goal, according to Thierry Henry

Lionel Messi has scored a quite ridiculous 683 goals during his Barcelona career.

The Argentine is one of the greatest goalscorers in football history, scoring at least 30 goals in all competitions in the last 13 seasons.

Picking his greatest ever goal for the Camp Nou side is a nigh on impossible task.

It’s made even more difficult by the fact Messi scores all types of goals.

Individual runs, brilliant free-kicks, 30-yarders, moments of pure brilliance.




We certainly wouldn’t want to be tasked to name Messi’s best ever goal.

However, it’s a task that Thierry Henry has completed previously.

According to former teammate Thierry Henry, his best goal came against Malaga - a goal that Marca described as a forgotten moment of genius from Messi.

In the 2018 film ’Take The Ball, Pass The Ball’ - based on Pep Guardiola’s four-year spell in charge of the Catalan giants - Henry recalled the incredible goal which he believes is the best Messi has scored.

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“The best goal I’ve seen him score was against Malaga at home because that defied logic what he did,” Henry, who was on the pitch at the time, said.

“Diagonal ball, he controls it on his chest, runs full speed. First player goes, second player is just behind. He takes another step, that player can clear the ball.

“If he’s got the ball on his left foot here, how do you go back with that same leg and touch the ball in the air, in between the two to make sure that guy doesn’t touch it - and then almost fail but smash it into the top corner. That’s not normal.”

We won’t blame you if you can’t quite remember the goal.

But don’t worry, a video of Henry waxing lyrical about Messi alongside the goal itself can be found below:

Henry describes Messi's greatest goal ever


Only when someone of Henry’s quality and experience dissects the brilliance of Messi during that goal do you realise just how good it really is.

It’s just ridiculous that a goal like that can be described as ‘forgotten’.

For most players, that would be the highlight of their career.

That just about sums up Messi’s brilliance.

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