Pele's best ever goal has been digitally created based on his description

Pele's greatest ever goal?

Pele is considered one of the greatest players of all time.

In fact, some will claim that he is the greatest.

He was just 17 when he helped Brazil win the 1958 World Cup. He went on to win another two World Cups with his country in 1962 and 1970.

He’s also been credited with scoring 643 official goals for Santos during his 19-year spell with the Brazilian club.

Of course, those statistics are difficult to verify.

There weren’t hundreds of TV cameras watching Brazilian football during the 50s, 60s and 70s so we’ll just have to trust the records are correct.

It’s a shame because it means we can’t go onto YouTube and watch Pele in his prime.

However, fortunately for us, we can watch his favourite ever goal against Atletico Juventus in 1959.


Because his incredible goal has been recreated by a computer simulation based on Pele’s description.

Pele reckons he received a cross on the edge of the penalty area, flicked the ball over one defender’s head, flicked the ball over another defender’s head, flicked the ball over another defender’s head before flicking it over the goalkeeper and heading it in.

Video: Pele's 'best goal ever' has been recreated


We’ll just have to take Pele’s word for it and assume he’s telling the truth…

If he did actually pull that off - and that’s a big if - it’s surely one of the greatest goals ever scored in football history.

Football fans may well be a bit sceptical of Pele’s goal due to some of the claims he’s previously made.

He once claimed that during a match in Senegal, the goalkeeper cried so much after he had scored that he had to be substituted.

Then, in a game against Colombia, Pele received a red card but the crowd were so unhappy that the referee sent himself off instead.

Last but not least, he once had to leave an Elton John concert after he pointed him out in the crowd.

Never change, Pele.



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