Tokyo Olympics: Canadian diver scores 0.0 after landing feet first in the pool


Is there anything better than the Olympics?

The greatest sporting show on earth has kept us glued to our screens with the finest athletes on earth showing off their super-human capability in pursuit of immortality.

The lack of fans was expected to be a hindrance to the games but that simply hasn’t been the case at all as the athletes have still performed at an unbelievable level.

From the precision sports to the power based disciplines, every athlete has given their absolute all.


We’ve been inundated with viral-worthy moments from Tom Daley finally winning gold to an Australian swimming coach going absolutely mental.

Sadly, for some, these Olympics won’t be remembered too fondly thanks to some heartbreaking incidents.

Team GB’s Zharnel Hughes will be suffering sleepless nights for months to come after he jumped the gun in the men’s 100 metre final and was duly disqualified from the race.

200-metre medal hopeful Shericka Jackson will be kicking herself all the way home as, after easing up in the final stretch of her heat, she ended up missing out on qualifying for the next round altogether.


However, there was yet more bizarre action in the pool as Canadian diver Pamela Ware scored a brutal 0.0 after landing feet-first in the 3m springboard event.

Ware, who simply had to pull out of the dive following a misstep, said that had she attempted to go through with it, she could’ve been injured.

While it does not make for pretty viewing for the diving purist, the armchair fan may get a kick out of how strange a feet-first dive actually looks.

Ultimately, Ware would finish way down in 18th before taking to Instagram to share her thoughts on the disastrous event.

‘What we do in the competition is just a tiny factor of what we actually do to get to where we are,’ she said in a video.

‘I was so ready for this competition, and I made a mistake. It could have happened to anybody, but it happened to me at the wrong time.’

It is genuinely gut wrenching for an athlete, who has pounded thousands of hours into perfecting her craft, to have it all undone in a matter of seconds.

However, Ware is due a lot of credit for fronting up to her mistake and vowing to come back stronger.


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