Eddie Hall vs Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson boxing: The Beast was awake & vlogging during surgery


Despite what many people think, Eddie Hall is actually a mere mortal, but his latest show of strength really does make you question how human he truly is.

He's not deadlifted something or broken a punch record, oh no, he's proven he's a machine by staying awake for surgery and vlogging the entire thing!!

Training for his fight with Hafthor Bjornsson, Hall sadly managed to detach his bicep, which needed surgery.

On first look it seemed very painful and nasty, which it indeed was, but, well, Hall being Hall, he doesn’t feel pain at all, does he?

The man stayed awake during full-fledged surgery, silencing everyone into utter shock. Imagine having surgery with your eyes fully open and being in your senses? Just the prospect sounds horrific.

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Hall took to YouTube to detail his injury to his fans - which is also when we all found out that he stayed awake for the procedure.

“Bit of bad news, which I’m sure you are aware of by now. I detached my bicep on Monday, today is. Sunday. I’ve had it reattached, which is good news.

“We are three days on from surgery. I’m able to move my arm and hand. 

“All I did was throw a lazy hook, nothing too strenuous, and it just snapped off. It’s probably an underlying issue from strongman.”

He then further told that his fight with Thor, who must be quaking in his boots after seeing the sheer audacity of Hall, hasn’t been cancelled. It has just been postponed. 


“The bad news is the fight is going to be off until March next year. I’ve been speaking to the promoters,” he said.

“The fight is definitely not off, but will be rescheduled, which I’m not happy about. I apologise to people out there who have paid for pay-per-views, tickets and flights out there.

“I massively apologise, it just cannot be helped, but the fight is still on.”

Thor, meanwhile, will still fight; however, the promoters are yet to find an opponent for him.

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