Kane, Adriano, Best, Eder: 10 of the most bizarre football no-shows


The biggest question on Premier Legaue lips at the moments is where will Harry Kane play next season?

The talismanic Englishman, who has absolutely torn it up for Tottenham Hotspur over the last few years, failed to turn up for training today as he looks to force through a move away from the club.

The England captain was due back from his summer holiday today but was nowhere to be found, making his feelings clear that he has no intentions to stay at the club.

However, Kane is not the first footballer to go AWOL on us, so, thanks to the good folks over at FourFourTwo, here are ten other examples of footballers failing to fulfil the simple duty of showing up.

10. Graham French

Luton Town star, Graham French, vanished without trace after hearing that the police were after him over an incident in a pub.

'Frenchy's' bewildered teammates simply had no idea what had become of him as their bus trundled away from a fixture in 1970.


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The notorious Frenchy was later caught by police, spending two years in the slammer.

9. Jorge Cadete

Jorge Cadete was a massive hit at Celtic after bagging an electric 37 goals in 39 games during his opening season in 1996/97.

However, after his Portugal-based wife claimed that the health of his dogs was suffering due to his absence, big Jorge simply never returned the following summer.

8. Hasmawi Hassan

Malaysian star Hassan failed to show up for training in 2004 after leaving his blushing bride at the alter, calling off the wedding via text message.

Credit: The Football Terrace

Fearful of the repercussions he may suffer at the hands of his teammates, he thought he'd rather just give training a miss before skulking back in a week late.

Sadly, Hassan's excuse that he had been possessed by black magic fell on deaf ears.

7. Omar Larrosa 

Larrosa won the biggest prize in the game as part of the 1978 Argentina side that claimed World Cup glory.


He then vanished into thin air, with rumours that he had been murdered by gangsters proving to be the most plausible explanation for his conspicuous absence.

However, late in the '80's Larrosa re-emerged from the shadows having apparently spent those years 'wandering the mountains' in search of what he described as his 'inner beauty'.

6. Eder

After being dropped from Brazil's 1986 World Cup squad, enigmatic winger Eder promptly disappeared.

With many fearing that he had committed suicide following his axing from the team, Eder would re-emerge a week later claiming: "I hid because I wanted the world to see that Brazil couldn’t cope without Eder.” 

5. Helmut Duckadam

Duckadam was the hero of the 1986 European Cup final after saving four penalties in the shoot-out with Barcelona.

However, after the Steau Bucharest man complained about the measly car he was rewarded with, he vanished, with many believing that tin-pot dictator Nicolae Ceausescu had ordered the chopping off of his arms.

Fortunately, Duckadam reappeared three years laters, bedecked with both his arms, citing a blood disorder as the reason for his absence.

4. George Best

The Manchester United legend perfected the art of disappearing long before any celebrity magician did.


In 1969, Best watched on television as reporters camped outside the London flat of actress Sinead Cusack, where he had shacked up for the weekend instead of travelling with the team for a match with Chelsea.

3. Entire football teams

After players from Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Kenya fled their accommodation at the Homeless World Cup in Australia in 2008, spokesman Kat Byles sighed that it was quite a normal event.

“It’s something that happens in international events.”

It turns out the entire Liberian Women's team had also dropped right off the radar.

2. Adriano

Having been refused extended leave by Inter Milan following a friendly against Peru, Adriano took it upon himself to stay in Brazil anyway.


He eventually appeared again following the publication of images of him brandishing gang signs and holding a gun, which, his spokesperson said was something he 'uses for paintball'.

1. Blaming the nan

Both Anton Ferdinand and Steven Ireland got caught out while trying to use the oldest trick in the book.

Ferdinand claimed he had to visit his sick grandmother when in fact he visited a night club.

Ireland's poor grandmothers both had to read about their own deaths before he came clean that he was in fact visiting his 'lonely girlfriend'  in Cork.

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