Vitor Belfort drops Bryce Hall: TikToker responds to viral video

  • Kim Loe

TikTok superstar Bryce Hall has hit back at those criticising his boxing skills in recent fighting footage, reminding them that he’s not a professional boxer and he is still learning the craft.

Celebrity boxing and influencer grudge matches have really taken off in recent years, with demands and viewership for the biggest fights now overtaking numbers for some of boxing’s biggest bouts.

The trend for influencer boxing matches took a notable step in popularity when UK YouTube star KSI took on fellow Brit influencer Joe Weller in a three-round boxing match at the Queen Elizabeth Boxing Park, London, in February of 2018.

Victor KSI went on to call out and fight social media megastar Logan Paul with their much-anticipated rematch being held as a professional boxing bout, hosted at the famous Staples Center in Los Angeles, and with the pay-per-view numbers passing the one million mark.

Logan’s brother Jake Paul also entered influencer boxing history by fighting and defeating professional mixed martial artist Ben Askren, followed by Logan himself going the distance with the legendary undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Despite these fights being exhibition matches and many questioning how seriously their ageing opposition prepared for the bouts, it has certainly raised the expectation of influencer and celeb boxing.

Bryce had already met defeat after his ‘battle of the platforms’ boxing match with ACE Family’s Austin McBroom, and in recent viral video he is seen being taken out by Brazilian MMA champion Vitor Belfort.

A solid body blow was enough to put Bryce to the canvas, unable to continue their sparring, and this has been met with a flurry of comments criticising Bryce for his boxing technique.

Bryce has responded by saying: “Why do people hold me to the boxing standard of a pro when I’ve only trained in boxing for 2 months? I’m learning and trying to get better! Sorry, I’m not Floyd Mayweather yet.”


He continued to defend his ability by saying: “I’m trying to get better at everything that I do… I’m far from where I wanna be in life and I hope people see that this is only the beginning.”

While the dedication and achievements of the Logan brothers have raised the game for influencers wanting to try their hand at the fight game, it doesn’t look like such harsh criticism will stop Bryce, who is continuing to up his training and push towards further boxing bouts.

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