Black Ops Cold War: New operator leaked online

Operator has been leaked ahead of the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 5.

Online leaks may have revealed a potential new operator in Call of Duty Black Ops Season 5.

Season 4 Reloaded is drawing to a close and segments of the gaming community are beyond excited in relation to what Raven Software, the game's developers, could have up their sleeve next.

While there have been several complaints regarding cheaters, hackers and glitches that are currently in the game, this hasn't deterred the mass majority who are still loving the content from Raven.

The upcoming patch should hopefully address those issues going forward, along with all-new map alterations with context regarding the reasons why satellites crashed down to earth in Verdansk.

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Black Ops Cold War Season 5 New Operator

Many gamers have been speculating across social media regarding what Season 5 could involve, which new weapons could be introduced or new maps to multiplayer mode.

According to a leak on Reddit, an image of the possible new operator was revealed as part of the new cover for Black Ops Cold War Season 5.

Operator has been leaked ahead of the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 5.

The future female protagonist and possible playable character in Warzone can see seen sporting a pirate-like eye patch, with akimbo machine pistols, tattooed sleeves and with a savage look on her face.

From what we know, she is called Wraith and could be the person that was leaving the answerphone message during Treyarch's first trailer. Did she cause the satellites to come down from space? Was it her that was speaking with stole the data to collaborate with Stitch?

It is all information that we will know the answers to eventually. But most importantly, players will be looking forward to adopting her skin in-game and gaining access to several skins via the battle pass. 

With not long to go until Season 5 is released, it will be interesting to see if she becomes a popular choice with gamers.

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