Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: Prowler has been confirmed to return as floor loot

Apex Legends Season 10

Apex Legends season 10 is arriving this week and gamers will be intrigued to find out that the Prowler gun will return as floor loot.

When a new season arrives, we always see quite a lot of changes when it comes to weapons. This typically includes new weapons coming in, other guns being vaulted and a complete shuffle of the floor loot in Kings Canyon.

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Sometimes the floor loot can be the most important start. If you find a powerful weapon straight away, you immediately increase your chances of victory.

The upcoming season in the battle royale game is set to be the best one yet, with a great new Legend, new weapons and huge changes coming to King Canyon.

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Prowler has been confirmed to return as floor loot in Apex Legends Season 10

The Prowler gun was one of the original weapons to be implemented as floor loot in Apex.

The submachine gun was available as either a burst gun or an automatic. It has a very good rate of fire and requires heavy ammo.

There is one slight change between this Prowler and the one that will be coming back in season 10, and that is to do with how it can be fired.

Apex Legends News, the people who told us that the gun would be returning, also reported that the Prowler would only be available as a burst-fire weapon this time around, which means they have disabled the ability to change it to an automatic.

This will definitely be a disappointment for the Apex community, as many felt the Prowler was only viable when utilised in automatic mode.

The Prowler wasn’t the best, so this news won’t excite players massively. The good point to note is that if this gun is returning then we could see other classic weapons return as well.

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