Craziest pool shot ever? Viewers baffled by winning shot on black ball


A TikTok has left people bewildered over a game of pool that ended with one of the most difficult – and near enough impossible – shots of all time.

The video, shared by @luke23collins, shows a game of pool between friends taking place at a pub in London.

One player stepped up to take the shot, and with there not being many options of potting the black, he settled for a light tap of the cue ball to push it closer to the black ball, obviously expecting another shot at it after his friend tried.

However, his friend and opponent hurried to the table and leant down for the shot with utmost confidence in himself, and rightly so.

Aiming from across the ball, the second player takes his shot – hitting down on it and sending it straight into the pocket as his friends walk away in disbelief at what they’d just witnessed.

Sceptics in the comments believe that the player’s cue hits the ball and knocks the black in the pocket, which would be foul. One commenter said: “He fouled and intentionally knocked it in with his cue, loss of frame.”

Another doubter said: “Lol black ball hit his cue or it would have went down to the other side of the table. That there is a foul and a lost game.”

Yet other viewers were in awe of the man’s abilities on the pool table, with one commenting: “He puts spin on the right side of the black anti-clockwise which causes the Magnus effect to carry it to the pocket. Very hard shot, fair play.” to which the creator of the video added: “FINALLY SOMEBODY UNDERSTANDS!!”

The Magnus effect is what we see come into play when objects are spinning, a popular and most common example of it is the curl on a footballer’s shot or free-kick.

However the player was able to pull off the shot, it made for amazing and impressive viewing.

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