Floyd Mayweather training footage at 44 years old proves he's still elite


Floyd Mayweather continues to age like a fine wine.

The invincible boxer, for all of his out-of-ring adventures, just doesn’t seem like he has changed a jot, for his ability with the gloves remains intact.

In a video recently posted on Twitter, he is seen absolutely nailing it in the ring during a training session, further demonstrating that his class just won’t go away anytime soon and that it indeed is permanent.

Look at how in-shape he appears in the video further down this article, how agile he still is and then consider the fact that he is 44 and meant to be retired. Insane.

It is a shame, however, that none of that class was on display when he faced Logan Paul in an eight-round exhibition last month.

And as you expect from Eddie Hearn, he didn’t mince his words while talking about it.

The promoter was quoted as saying: "Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul was the biggest joke I have ever seen.

"It was a disgrace that it was even broadcast, to be honest.”

He did make it clear, though, that such fights aren’t an issue for him as long as they are between two equals.

"Now if there's a fight between someone who is taking boxing seriously and someone that can fight, I'm talking about Jake Paul against Tyron Woodley coming up, I'm not offended by it.

"I did Logan Paul against KSI, two guys who can't really fight at that professional level, but it was a 50/50.

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"We sold out the Staples Center, we did millions of buys worldwide on pay-per-view.

"But I did feel uncomfortable, I have to be honest.”

Indeed. However, one also has to agree that it was entertainment at its absolute best, and that’s what the sport ultimately comes down to.

At a time like this, it did offer a good bit of escapism for all fans across the globe.

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