Pepe: Real Madrid and Portugal legend's five craziest moments

Real Madrid legend Pepe

Even in the twilight of his career, Pepe is still wreaking havoc. 

A master of the dark arts and a player either loved or adored by sections of the footballing public, the former Real Madrid star was recently involved in a pre-season brawl when his Porto side took on Jose Mourinho's Roma. 

While, on that evidence, the 38-year-old still has so much more to give even at this stage, The Daily Mail have recently listed the five biggest moments of pure chaos during his career. 

Such is the interest in Pepe, it's worth taking a deeper look. 

5) Shouting at a referee 

Pepe sent off during a Real Madrid game

Amazingly, the central defender managed to avoid a red card during Real Madrid's fiery clash with Villarreal in March 2012. 

Teammates Sergio Ramos and Mesut Ozil were given their marching orders - as well as manager Jose Mourinho - but Pepe could not help and get further involved. 

At the end of the game, he leaned over to the referee and yelled: 'What a robbery, you son of a b****!'

4) The dive 

While never one to shy away from invading personal space, Pepe had a different reaction when Morocco's Mehdi Benatia dared to pat him on the back of the head during the 2018 World Cup. 

As you can imagine, the Portugal star sensed an opportunity to win his side an advantage. Jumping to the floor and rolling around as if he'd just faced Mike Tyson in his prime, Pepe certainly made the most of the slightest touch. 

3) Targeting Lionel Messi 

Lionel Messi and Pepe clash during an El Clasico meeting

In order to combat the dream team Pep Guardiola had assembled at Barcelona, Jose Mourinho made his Real Madrid side as physically dominant as possible. If you can't beat them, kick them. 

Clearly, the jewel in crown of the Barca side was one Lionel Messi and - while many defenders would have dreaded being faced up by perhaps the greatest footballer of all time - Pepe seemed to relish the battle. 

When the Argentine was felled by a Madrid teammate, Pepe seemingly went out of his way to stamp on the forward's hand. 

2) World Cup madness 

After being involved with an altercation with Thomas Muller when Germany thrashed Portugual at the the 2014 World Cup, Pepe refused to accept his red card with grace and decorum. 

Indeed, the two were jostling for possession when Pepe's flailing arm appeared to catch his opponent in the face. As Muller was reacting on the floor and assessing the damage, Pepe was sent off and back to try and get into his face, leaning his head in as if to headbutt. 

1) Tempers flare 

Pepe red card Real Madrid

Perhaps the most violent of his outbursts came against Getafe in 2009. 

After conceding a penalty as Javi Casquero broke into the box, Pepe took his frustration out further. As if bringing him down wasn't enough, the Portuguese kicked his opponent twice while he sprawled out across the floor. 

Pepe was duly banned for 10 games and even considered retiring. 

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