Eddie Hall vs Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson boxing: Mountain's insane punch power highlighted


Former World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson shows that although his long-awaited fight with fellow strongman Eddie Hall is currently on the shelf, he is still taking his boxing training very seriously.

In a video posted on YouTube, Thor showcases his incredible power by challenging bodybuilder/YouTuber Jesse James West to take a punch from him.

This comes after Hall, a few months ago, posted something similar when he landed a punch on gymnast Nile Wilson, lifting him off the ground in the process.

Thor decided to match Hall at his own game, it seems.

In Thor’s video, West seemed a tad bit concerned for his safety at the beginning, saying: “You might kill me, I should probably sign a waiver.”

West was wearing protective gear situated around his torso to protect him from the full force of Thor’s punches, however, this perhaps wasn’t enough to prevent him from collapsing to the ground in agony.

Thor, a southpaw, started off by using his right hand to punch, going up in power in 20 percent increments.

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In the video we can see that West is only able to crank it up to 60 percent before Thor’s power clearly proved too much.

The Game of Thrones star is likely to step into the ring in September, this comes after the fight he had planned with Hall was postponed; however, no opponent has yet been announced.

Hall, who was as ready as we all hoped he would be, unfortunately sustained an injury in his training for the fight, tearing his bicep off the bone, requiring surgery to fix it. This subsequently shelved the planned bout, putting it on hold until next year.

This gives Thor more time to prepare and fans to speculate on which strongman will come out on top when the two look to settle their feud inside the ring.

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