Tokyo Olympics: Sport climbing is sensational to watch & Aleksandra Miroslaw is unreal

  • Kim Loe

Despite the lack of fans and a one-year delay, the Tokyo Olympics have been enthralling to watch, greatly helped by a number of exciting new events and sports making their debut.

This has been the biggest ever Olympic Games with 339 events spread over 41 different sports.

There have been 24 new events added to existing ones, with several mixed-gender events in sports such as table tennis, swimming relay, judo and track relay.

There has also been the addition of new sports such as karate, surfing, baseball and softball.

However, the new sport which has captured the public’s attention is sport climbing, with today’s women’s speed climbing event getting everyone talking.

Olympic sport climbing will have men’s and women’s events with both consisting of three disciplines: speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing.

The sport made its debut this morning with the women’s speed climbing competition, which saw climbers race up a 15-metre vertical wall.

There was a tense atmosphere, helped by the fact climbers competed two at a time, adding to the drama of this rapid, energetic event.

The speed of the climbers stunned audiences with the highlight being the performance of Polish climber Aleksandra Miroslaw, who reached the 15-metre peak in under seven seconds and just 0.01 seconds shy of the world record.

Controversially, there are no medals for the individual climbing disciplines and climbers will be judged on their overall performance over the three.

Next up will be the bouldering discipline, where climbers have four minutes to ascend as many fixed routes as they can on the four-metre high wall – with no safety ropes!

The event will then introduce the lead climbing discipline, which is a more traditional form of climbing competition. Climbers will compete to see who can climb the furthest up a 15-metre vertical wall having to clip ropes into the carabiners along their ascent.

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With the event only being at the qualifying round and with two disciplines to go, this is promising to be one of the most memorable new sports of the Olympics.

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