McGregor, Messi, Ronaldo, LeBron: The top 10 most discussed athletes between 2020 and 2021

McGregor, Messi, Ronaldo, LeBron

The all-consuming nature of sports coverage these days allows news stories from even the most obscure parts of the world hit headlines at the drop of a coin. 

As remarkable a technological advancement as that is, the bulk of the coverage does – rightly or wrongly – largely focus around some of the biggest names in the world.

Never before have we had access to so much information about our sporting heroes. 

Indeed, backed by huge social media accounts, as well as photos and videos posted on their feeds, there are mountains of content available at the click of your fingers about some of the most elite names to have ever competed. 

Recently, an online study from using the latest analytics tool Buzzsumo compiled a list of the top ten most publicised in the world from July 2020 to June 2021. 

10) Roger Federer – 75,823 articles

9) Kevin Durrant – 88,086 articles 

8) Naomi Osaka – 93,637 articles 

7) Conor McGregor – 105,880 articles 

6) Virat Kohli – 127,797 articles 

5) Tom Brady – 140,153 articles 

4) Cristiano Ronaldo – 145,042 articles

3) Neymar – 171,046 articles 

2) LeBron James – 216,268 articles 

1) Lionel Messi – 490,632 articles 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Barcelona star Messi is way out in front. Often talked about it as it is, his dramatic transfer request last summer sent the transfer rumour mill into overdrive. 

LeBron James follows him up before Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo make up the top four as the only other footballers on the list. Elsewhere, Conor McGregor is certainly never out of the news cycle and ranks seventh in the list which, as you can imagine, will likely be music to his ears. 

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