Apex Legends Season 11 (Escape): Release Date, Patch Notes, New Legend, Trailer, Ranked Rewards, Battle Pass And Everything You Need To Know

Apex Legends Season 11 is titled "Escape".

With Season 10 of Apex Legends drawing to a close, Season 11 is rapidly approaching and we have everything that you need to know about it.

Emergence was recently released into the gaming community following huge anticipation for its release from gamers on the back of the EA Play Live expo.

Also, Seer was the newest legend added to Apex since the addition of Valkyrie back in Season 9, with Ranked Arena rewards also making their debut to provide variety to fans of the hectic battle royale franchise.

That being said, Season 10 will have to come to an end at some point and there is no reason why we can’t dive into Season 11 early to see what could be on the horizon for us.

Here is everything that we know so far about Apex Legends Season 11:

Latest news

UPDATE 2nd November: Apex Legends confirmed the download size of the season 11 update.

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UPDATE 1st November: New footage reveals new Gravity Cannons in action.

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UPDATE 25th October: The developers have finally revealed their eagerly anticipated gameplay trailer which flaunts some new features.

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Apex Legends Season 11 Escape Gameplay

UPDATE 21st October: Respawn Entertainment have been showcasing exactly what they’ve up to in light of their next chapter.

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UPDATE 19th October: Season 11 is just days away from launch and Respawn have revealed their newest legend – Ash.

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UPDATE 15th September: A new Legend has seemingly been leaked.

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UPDATE 24th August: Codes have been uncovered online that could suggest that Apex will be hosting an entirely new map for Season 11.

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A new map could be entering the fray for Season 11.

UPDATE August 10th: Respawn have opened up regarding next-gen versions of Apex and whether they will be available this year.

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UPDATE August 9th: Fans of the series have been speculating what could be included in Season 11’s battle pass.

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Release Date

Season 11 will officially start on Tuesday 2nd November 2021.

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Patch Notes

The patch notes are now live and kicking – although they will not be active until Season 11 is launched. Click on the link to below to get access to the comprehensive list of technical changes!

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New Legend

Ash is the newest legend in Season 11.

Ash has been confirmed as the newest Apex Legends character – click below to find out everything that we know to date.

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The Season 11 trailer from EA’s official YouTube channel has arrived and the cinematic looks action-pack and hectic as normal as players are set to embark on a summer holiday.

As well as this, a gameplay trailer was launched four days later which shows off the new map, Storm Point, as well as the new C.A.R SMG.

Battle Pass

Apex Legends Season 11 Battle Pass Bundle

The latest Battle Pass has arrived and there are an array of new rewards being introduced to the game. The Battle Pass will cost 950 Apex Coins while the Battle Pass Bundle will cost over 2,000 Apex Coins. Click below to find out more.

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