Usain Bolt 100m time: Video compares sprinter to cheetah and average human


The Tokyo Olympics has blessed our screens for the past 13 days, with Team GB winning a remarkable 50 medals so far.

If you were allowed to sign up for Team GB for the 2024 Paris Games, what would you sign up for?

If you said the 100 metres, then you may want to have a watch of the below video.

To give you an idea of how hard becoming an athlete overnight is, a video has emerged of a virtual reality experience on how you would look in a 100m sprint against a cheetah and the fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt.

Ever dreamed of racing the Jamaican? Well, the VR allows you to experience it first-hand, but let’s just say you might not be as great as you first imagined.

The world’s fastest animal can run 100m in an amazing 5.95 seconds. Bolt, meanwhile, still holds that astonishing world record from the World Championships in 2009 at 9.58 seconds.

However, the average person completes 100m in 15 seconds. With a bit more training, I’m sure you’ll make it to Paris and win the gold, though…

There’s only three days left to go in the Olympics and Team GB sit fifth in the medal table. From heartbreaking injuries to Tom Daley’s first gold, this year’s Games have given us moments to cherish after the damaging year we have had.

Save the date for August 24 as the Paralympics begins and Team GB continue to march on and proudly represent us and hopefully gives us moments just like the Olympics did!

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