Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona: Antoine Griezmann being blamed by fans at training arrival


The footballing world is still attempting to pick its collective jaw off the floor after the news that broke in Catalonia last night.

With a contract all but signed, Barcelona had to tell their greatest player of all time, Lionel Messi, that they simply couldn't register him bringing a painfully sudden end to his career at the Camp Nou.

The news sent shockwaves thundering around Europe as the greatest player of all time suddenly became very much available on an unprecedented free transfer basis.

In a press conference held today, Barcelona president Joan Laporta laid the blame for Messi's departure firmly at the feet of La Liga, after claiming that they had rejected the proposed contract.

Despite their status as a European superpower, even Barca are at the whim of Financial Fair Play and, after years of seeming mismanagement by the previous board, it has culminated in the loss of Messi.

However, while Laporta has sought to shift the firestorm to the doors of La Liga, fans have taken it upon themselves to make their own conclusions as to who is at fault.

Sadly, for French star Antoine Griezmann, it seems he is set to be slapped with much of the ire of a grieving fanbase.

As he arrived for training this morning, Griezmann was met by an irate group of angry-mobbers who, short only the proverbial pitchforks, made their feelings clear.

Per a report in The Mirror, Griezmann was lambasted with chants of "Messi has left because of you!".

Now, we understand that Barca fans are angry, but it's hardly Griezmann's fault. The mismanagement of the previous regime surely has to be where they fire their barbs and jabs.


While Griezmann prepares to baton down the hatches, attention will turn to where Messi might end up next.

In truth, there is only a very select group of mega-rich clubs that could afford him, even on a free transfer.

His wages, even if he is willing to take a substantial pay cut, are massive and, in the current economic climate, could cripple an average club.


That leaves only PSG and Manchester City as potential options and, as of right now, it looks as though the Parisian giants are leading the race.

Reports suggest they have already made direct contact with Messi as they look to get a deal over the line before their competitors can get their acts together.

It promises to be an interesting couple of days as the future of one of the greatest players of all time lies in the balance.

Whatever may happen, it's probably best to stop shouting at Antoine Griezmann. 

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