Hafthor Bjornsson v Eddie Hall: Footage of Thor's immediate reaction to postponement news


Hafthor Bjornsson has advised his rival Eddie Hall to be careful while lifting heavy weights at this moment.

The two were scheduled to fight on September 18 in Jacksonville, Florida but it got postponed due to Hall suffering a serious injury.

Bjornsson posted a video on his YouTube channel to speak about the fight’s postponement and said that it will take place eventually.

Thor stated:  “It’s a bummer. Things like this happen, but it’s super annoying with it so close. The fight is coming up. This fight has to happen. His doctor has to tell him he’s physically unable to fight for the rest of his life so it won’t happen. He has to literally lose an arm or a leg so it won’t happen.

“Now I just have to stay focused, train and hopefully early next year we are able to fight. We will see how bad and how long he is away.

“In my opinion, lifting heavy weights and boxing does not fit. When you lift heavy, heavy, heavy, you get stiff.

“Then you punch the bag, it’s just too much for the body. He’s also got some back issues not so long ago. Now the bicep. Obviously something he’s doing is wrong.”

When asked what he would say to Eddie Hall: “I would just ask him how he’s doing. ‘How you doing mate, you okay?’ I wish he would be a bit more careful with the heavy weights because right now, in my opinion, it’s unnecessary. It’s putting too much risk. It’s too risky.

The fight between Hall and Bjornsson was labeled as “The Heaviest Boxing Match in History” and was awaited by many.

However, with The Mountain’s injury, we will have to wait for a few more months for it to happen. 

No official notice has been issued as in when the fight will take place but promoters MTK Global said that it could take place in March or April next year.

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