Matchroom: Fabio Wardley on Fight Camp 2 - "nothing else is acceptable but a KO victory"

Fabio Wardley predicts a knockout during tonight's contest

Ipswich born boxer Fabio Wardley will be defending his English Heavyweight Title as part of the fight card for tonight’s Matchroom Fight Camp 2 event.

Ahead of the fight, Wardley has stated that he will be looking to end the contest before it goes to the judges, saying they can have the ‘night off.’

The 11-0 boxer with 10 KOs on his record is hoping to make it 11 out of 12 when he heads to the ring tonight on DAZN to face Nick Webb.

Fabio Wardley on Matchroom Fight Camp 2

Speaking at the pre-fight press conference, Wardley was confident that his ability would take him beyond the threat of Webb. He said: “This is what I’ve been asking for, I’ve been asking for this fight, and you know with me I don’t turn down any fight, I won’t say no to anyone. Any name you’ve ever put forward to me, I’ve always said yes, make sure they turn up – it’s the same attitude with this.”

“This is a good fight, it’s a good test, and this is all I want to do, be in those good fights and push myself through. Ultimately, I’m coming through on the night.

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“I’m always confident; I don’t think there’s any point being in this game if you’re not going to be confident with yourself and don’t have that self-belief. I don’t care what man is stood in front of me, what they’ve done before, no-one’s got in the ring with me. Nick has never got in the ring with a guy like me, and he’s going to find that out on the night.

“Nothing else is acceptable but a KO victory; there’s no other way this is going. It’s not going to points. The judges aren’t needed; you can save yourself a few quid and send them home – they won’t be needed.”

Wardley vs Webb takes place as part of the Matchroom Boxing’s Fight Camp 2, which airs tonight from 7 pm only on DAZN.

Here’s the full card for the event:

  • Vacant IBF Featherweight World Championship – Kid Galahad 126lbs. vs James Dickens 125 1/2lbs.
  • English Heavyweight Championship – Fabio Wardley (Champion) 235 1/2lbs. Vs Nick Webb 256lbs.
  • Alen Babic 210lbs. Vs Mark Bennett 272 1/2lbs.
  • Johnny Fisher 239 1/2lbs. Vs Danny Whitaker 259 1/2lbs.
  • Ebanie Bridges 118 3/4lbs. Vs Bec Connolly 119lbs.
  • Kevin Baldospino 131 1/2lbs. Vs Aqib Fiaz 131 3/4lbs.

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