UFC president Dana White gives brutally honest thoughts on fighter pay disputes


UFC President Dana White has weighed in on the continuing dispute within UFC over fighter pay.

Speaking to the MMA Junkie, White was far from sympathetic as he told athletes that UFC fighter pay is ‘the nature of the beast’.

White saved his most damning comments for women’s strawweight Cheyanne Buys, who in a recent press conference, broke down in tears recounting her own financial troubles.

White shrugged off Buys’ concerns by nonchalantly comparing those who are starting in their UFC careers.

"There's a lot of people on their way up who are broke, struggling, trying to make it.

"The flip side to that is she's 1-1 in the UFC and made 80 grand in the last six months. This is one of those sports you've got to win. If you win, everything's good. If you lose, everything's bad.

"That's the nature of this beast."

Better pay for UFC fighters has some influential backers including infamous You Tube star, turned boxer, Jake Paul.

Paul, 24, has previously accused White of ‘taking their money’ in relation to a bout between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones.

In a recent social media post, Paul has come out with his most damning criticism of White yet, accusing White of ‘bullying your way to controlling thousands of fighters' careers…’

Dispute over fighter pay in UFC is nothing new and a growing concern as the UFC brand has exploded in popularity, bringing with it lucrative sponsorships and broadcasting deals.

UFC, which has the majority of the MMA market, was forecast to make $980 million in revenue in 2020 with fighters getting just 20% of that (about $196 million).

Statistics aside, the issue of fighter pay is a serious issue with real life implications for the fighters involved including Cheyanne Buys who has bravely spoken about her own financial difficulties.

It appears with continued lack of support from the top, UFC fighter pay is an issue that will not go away.

White almost single-handedly hauled the organisation back from the brink of folding to craft it into the global powerhouse that it is today.

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