YouTuber’s ‘Need for Speed in real life’ video is a gamer’s dream


A YouTube channel have made a series of videos called Need for Speed in Real Life and it is honestly incredible.

For fans of the game, Need For Speed needs no introduction.

It is simply one of the most popular game franchises of all time with classic games such as NFS Underground 2 and NFS Hot Pursuit achieving record sales, and winning the praise and plaudits of fans and critics alike.

It is no wonder then that some have taken their love of Need for Speed to new levels. Now the new need to watch fan made video series is Need for Speed in Real Life.

Need for Speed Real Life is the creation of Vladislav Chekunov. Filmed on the roads of Rostov-on-Done, Russia, Chekunov’s videos combine raw driving footage with incredible video editing to create the sights, sounds, loading screens and menus of a real Need for Speed game.

Currently, Chekunov has four videos in the series and are a must watch for those who love the current games or are just after some NFS nostalgia.

The latest features a real life Lamborghini Huracan and a BMW M4. In the video, as you would in the game, the cars are souped up in the garage before racing, NFS style, on the streets.

In the video, a rain soaked BMW M4 wins the final road race, overtaking the Lamborghini on the final straight.

Reaction in the YouTube comments has been predictably positive. From ‘this blew my mind!’ to those praising the videos for being ‘the Need for Speed movie we always wanted’.

This is not the first time a fan has shown their love for NFS on YouTube. For those in need a trip down memory lane, Need for Speed fans have been loving the fan made trailer showing what Need for Speed Underground Two would look like with next generation graphics.

What do you think of fan made NFS content? Be sure to check out Need for Speed in Real Life on YouTube.

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