Atletico Madrid's Yannick Carrasco was raging vs Feyenoord as Diego Simeone ran on to pitch


Yannick Carrasco has been sent off during Atletico Madrid’s clash with Feyenoord.

Contrary to the game’s billing as a pre-season friendly, tensions were clearly running high with Carrasco receiving his marching orders for a heated exchange with Tyrell Malacia.

With the Dutch hosts leading 1-0 in the 39th minute courtesy of Bryan Linssen’s strike, the Atletico forward saw red when trying to pickpocket the ball from his Feyenoord rival near the corner flag.

Feyenoord vs Atletico Madrid

After some heated jockeying and dribbling, Malacia eventually managed to get the ball away, but his left-footed punt forward ultimately saw him get into a tangle with Carrasco.

This, it would appear, was the final straw because Carrasco quickly became incensed and appeared to consign himself to a red card by kicking out at the downed 21-year-old.

But Carrasco wasn’t finished there with the Belgian proceeding to taunt and probe Malacia while he rolled around on the pitch, prompting a larger fracas between the Feyenoord and Atletico players.

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Carrasco loses his temper

Amidst all the carnage at the Feyenoord Stadium, the focal point of the drama proceeded to revolve around Carrasco’s clash with Orkun Kökçü who had presumably ran over in defence of Malacia.

What followed was an anger-fuelled exchange from which Kökçü emerged with whats appeared to be blood on both his face and neck, though the cause of this remains unclear at the time of writing.

Regardless, though, the situation got so out of hand that Diego Simeone found it necessary to make a beeline for Carrasco by running on to the pitch and attempting to calm him down.



Carrasco sent off vs Feyenoord

Simeone appeared to enjoy some success in his attempts to diffuse the situation, but it will come as no shock that Carrasco had already given the referee sufficient ammunition to send him off.

All in all, it made for a truly eyebrow-raising scenario for a pre-season friendly, so be sure to check out all the carnage down below to draw your own conclusions about the drama:

Rest assured that we haven’t heard the last of this.

So much for a friendly…

It’s impossible to establish what might have been said between the players at this stage, but it’s safe to assume that very little of the conversation did anything in the way of calming down Carrasco.

Besides, you know things are serious when you see a manager going through the thought process of intervening themselves and eventually deciding to sprint across the pitch during the game.


We can only assume that the situation will be elucidated in the coming hours but as things stand, it looks as though Carrasco can expect an earful from his manager in the dressing room…

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