WWE: John Cena says he still watches the product to learn from younger stars

John Cena still watches the WWE product

Despite being one of the most experienced members of the roster right now, John Cena has revealed that he still learns from younger WWE Superstars.

Speaking to ID1OT, Cena revealed that he still keeps up with the WWE product when he is not on with the company, explaining that takes the opportunity to learn from the younger talent:

“I watch WWE. I still watch when I’m there. I watch as much of the matches as I can and I put myself in their shoes. When they do something that I wouldn’t necessarily do, it’s not like, ‘F*****g kids don’t get it. Why did they do that?’. I can learn just by watching.”

In the same interview, Cena also revealed that he asked WWE higher-ups to be able to work more dates that the company was intending for him to work, having the following to say on the matter:

“When WWE wants you to come back, I gave them myself, they asked me to come back for only a few dates and I said, ‘No, I want to do all these dates.’ To one, get back in front of an audience. Two, to help the brand get audiences back in the building.”

John Cena was involved in a segment on the July 19 episode of Monday Night Raw with Riddle. Cena even teamed with the Raw star after the July 26 show in a dark match.

Cena is slated to be at the August 9 episode of Raw tonight at the Amway Center, but it’s unclear whether he’ll be appearing on the broadcast or just in a non-televised segment/match.

You can watch SummerSlam, where John Cena will challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal title, live in the US on the Peacock, or on the WWE Network in other markets.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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