Rocket League Season 4: What will be in the Rocket Pass?

Rocket League Season 4

Rocket League Season 4 will bring another exciting new rocket pass and a lot of the gaming community are wondering what will be in the new rocket pass.

The new season will bring a lot of new content to the game alongside the rocket pass and fans do not have long to wait as season 4 goes live this week.

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We have recently found out that 2v2 tournaments will be added to the game in the new season, and no doubt there will be a new map added as well.

The rocket pass is the best way to unlock content, as there are levels to get through and every level will have an unlockable reward.

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What will be in the rocket pass in Rocket League Season 4?

The rocket pass will have 100 levels for players to grind over the course of season 4 and as they get more XP they will unlock more levels and receive the rewards for each level. These rewards vary massively. Players can receive banners, vehicle skins, spoilers and a lot more.

Despite Rocket League being free-to-play, the battle pass is something you have to purchase to unlock all the rewards; however, it doesn’t cost too much. Players will have to pay around £10 to access it.

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For now, we do not know what the rewards will be in the battle pass, these are not typically known until the new season is released.

No doubt the reveal of a new season is always intriguing and developers Psyonix have been leaving small teasers on Twitter to keep the Rocket League community guessing.

These teasers will stop as soon as the new season drops, but these teasers seem to suggest that there is going to be a new desert theme.

This is exciting times for the community and hopefully this new season will be the best one that rocket league have made.

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