WWE: Drew McIntyre reveals he asked to do more media (Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre asked to do WWE media

If you have been reading any wrestling news site over the last 18 months, you’ll know that Drew McIntyre has probably done more media than anyone else on the roster during that time period.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with GiveMeSport, Drew McIntyre revealed that he has been pushing to do more media, even asking WWE to be given more appearances and interviews.

Drew told our own Louis Dangoor that he enjoyed doing the media, and wants to bring the WWE name to new viewers who may not be so familiar with the product. 

 I did push, ‘give me as much as possible, give me the ball.’ I always wanted the opportunity to represent the company, obviously on-screen in a high capacity, but also off-screen to try and draw those new eyeballs in for a number of reasons. The biggest one of all this year is growing that confidence. I saw it as a unique opportunity; if I’m going to be home, I wanted to start working on things that are maybe my weak areas, but are very important in WWE. Obviously, getting good at media is a big part of it. I said, ‘give me it all, I want to get so good during this time period that I’m actually home, when we’re back out on the road, you can put me on any television show, any radio interview, and I’ll be able to represent myself and the company the way we should be represented.

McIntyre spoke about how other members of the roster may turn down the opportunity to do media interviews, something the former WWE Champion didn’t particularly understand:

A lot of people say no to these things and I’m like, ‘This isn’t a real job.’ I’ve got buddies back in Scotland who are working real jobs, a lot of hours a week, very very difficult. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do and this is a dream. If you put me in a situation where I’m going to sit down every day, chat to people like yourself about WWE and me, and give myself screen time as well as put WWE over, this is living the dream. If you don’t want to do it, Drew McIntyre is going to do it, I assure you.

Sheamus made some comments in an interview about how he found it surprising that Drew, for someone that he deems to be so uninteresting, is doing so much media, something that McIntyre responded to by saying:

Somebody is a little bit jealous that nobody wants to speak to Sheamus very often. I know the tone they said it in as well, he’s messing around. We mess with each other. Then the dirtsheets grab the headline and go, ‘Sheamus says McIntyre not interesting.’ If you listen, you’ll hear the tone. He’s just messing around. I’m gonna give him crap. I already texted him and said, ‘Come on, buddy, I’ll send some media your way. I do 95 hours a week, you’re a little bit jealous. You want some more screen time, some more TV time, I’ll look after you.’

You can watch Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw every week and SummerSlam on August 21 on BT Sport in the UK and the WWE Network respectively.

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