Apex Legends: PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are "high on the priority list"

Apex Legends is coming to both PS5 and Xbox Series X but players will have to wait.

The developers of Apex Legends have confirmed that players will have to wait for next-generation versions of their battle royale series to be launched.

Respawn Entertainment recently launched Season 10, titled 'Emergence', where several new features were added into the game - including their newest legend Seer and Ranked Arena Rewards.

These many expansions that the developers have brought to the gaming forefront have played a part in Apex's huge success since its introduction back in 2019, where they have since amassed over 100 million active players (via Engadget).

That being said, Respawn are not resting on their laurels as work on Season 11 is already expected to be well underway - although it is doubtful that the next-gen versions will be up and running by then.

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Seer is the newest legend to be added to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends PS5 and Xbox Series X

Following previous announcements from EA that improvements and enrichment for Apex were planned, Respawn are still unable to confirm a launch window for PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

Speaking to fans on Reddit, Ryan Rigney, Respawn's director of communications said:

“Oh man, I WISH I had an update to share but we can’t say anything definitive at the moment - so can’t spoil anything here. Trust us tho, it’s in the works and we’re excited about it too."

Steven Ferreira, the team director for Respawn Vancouver, added:

“Can’t promise anything but with the core mechanics ‘feel’ of Apex being such an important piece of the player experience this one is high on the priority list.”

While this may be frustrating to some players that have been lucky enough to get their hands on next-gen consoles, the reality is achieving the FPS goals that the developers have set themselves is a challenging task - especially when the game was initially designed for last-gen platforms.

That being said, it will be worth the wait once it is finally released, and we doubt we will see it until at least 2022.

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