John Cena WWE return: Drew McIntyre on impact of former champion being back (Exclusive)

John Cena has had a big impact on WWE, claims Drew McIntyre

John Cena is back in WWE, and it’s not only fans that are happy to see the former World Champion back on our screens.

Speaking to GiveMeSport in an exclusive interview, Drew McIntyre said it was “awesome” to have Cena back, saying that the Hollywood megastar would be full-time with WWE if he could

It’s awesome having John backstage because he genuinely wants to be there. He loves this and he’d being doing it full-time if he physically could.

Speaking to our own Louis Dangoor, McIntyre said that members of the roster have to be picking Cena’s brain with questions when he’s backstage at shows.

When he’s there, you’re an idiot if you don’t pick his brain. That’s somebody who doesn’t just get it, he gets it at the highest possible level when it comes to the storytelling, the psychology, and every possible area of the company. I know I harass him as soon as I get the opportunity to because I just want to learn from him.

McIntyre acknowledged the importance of having someone like Cena on TV too attract new viewers, with Cena having movies coming out while he’s working with WWE at the moment:

When it comes to being on the show, he’s in all these giant Hollywood movies that are out or coming out, and he’s bringing those eyeballs. All those eyeballs when I do all my media interviews, I’m trying to attract or explain to people who maybe don’t watch us or are lapsed fans and why you should check (WWE) out. Hopefully, they listen to me and check it out, but for a lot of people it’s ‘Oh, John Cena is back’ and they check it out or ‘Oh, that guy from the movie is wrestling, I didn’t know he was a wrestler, I’m going to check it out.’ They see him, but they also see our other superstars and how good they are and they are like, ‘Okay, I like this guy, I like this girl, I will continue to watch the show.’ Someone like John Cena has a massive impact and the best thing of all is he genuinely genuinely loves WWE more than anything.

John Cena returned to WWE at Money in the Bank last month, confronting Roman Reigns. Cena will challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam next weekend.

You can watch Drew McIntyre every week on Monday Night Raw on BT Sport in the UK and at WWE SummerSlam on the WWE Network and Peacock on August 21.

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